The one thing I got from this documentary is that if American politicians as creators and enforcers of policy really care about the bottom rungs of society as they are about the very top without many of their constituents laughing from all sides, then there has to be an overhaul of how Washington is influenced and run.  As I continued watching Saving Capitalism, taken from Robert Reich’s book by the same name, he offers some insight into what broke apart the “American Dream.”  Now that the bubble has broken and the contents have fallen more on the negative than positive side, he offers not a solution but the promise by talking with younger generations in the hope of a better run America.  He points out how American capitalism can function as intended.  It’s clear people should have a legitimate right to this economic growth.  It’s clear there is fracturing within both parties resulting from their disillusionment of the American political system including the greed of Wall Street where certain taxpayers are targeted.  I wish it had gone a little more in-depth with solutions and facts, but Reich even regrets not trying harder in his earlier years.  We aren’t at the point of being completely shattered, but I’d prefer no more breaking to occur.  I’m like many people, who can see an ideal end game, but leaving others to hopefully steer America on a modified, better path.
Here’s a few quotes by Ray Dalio, an American billionaire investor, about capitalism.