Journal Entry Type #12: Halfway Through 2019 and Still Working on My Resolutions!


It’s already July and after taking two weeks off from exercising due to reasons I won’t get into because no one wants to hear this crap, but I will say I have to work through my pain some days.  I’m currently reading four books right now and one in particular which has to do with rewriting and editing is enough to make my head spin.  I think of all the things I will have to do on my second rewrite of this never ending story I’m working on after I’m done with my first rewrite.  I think, but more pray my second novel idea takes half the time to write and rewrite let alone the five others after it.  The real issue is time management as there isn’t enough time in every week to commit to everything I want to do and put things on the back burner again like I’ve done with my puzzles for a good year.   It doesn’t help that I need to color my designs once, twice, and sometimes three times to be satisfied.   I’m prepping myself to devote time in 2020 about an idea my roommate and I have been tossing around the past five years.  Ugggh, the research and work.  I’ve been doing a lot of watching TV and some movies lately as a diversion.  I’m going to keep this short as there is no reason for this to be long winded.  Thank you to everyone who is followed my blog, new and old.  Keep following your dreams, whatever they may be, because I still am.


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