Day: July 15, 2019

Poem: Nine Nights

On the third night, I dug my toes into the possibilities, of wanting to be closer, one inch at a time to freedom. On the fourth night, I scaled the walls with half-open eyes, feeling every bit of pain. On the fifth night, my…

50 Real Life Stories To Watch

I’ve had this list of based on real life people since I started my blog in January 2017.  I’m not going to put any descriptions: just movie name, the major person/people involved, and the year it came out.  This time it’s the bare bones. …

Journal Entry Type #14: How Do We Get Back To Normal? Was There Ever One? How Do We Get There? What Will 2020 Look Like?

I’m writing this because there are a few people in my life who I consider mentors, but sometimes we fall very opposite when it comes to politics.  There is one in particular who has helped me grow and still does, but unlike me who…

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