This movie did not have a wide release, but it doesn’t make Destroyer any less of a movie.  It made only 5.5 million dollars worldwide, which is chump change to the big production companies.  Sometimes, I think these kinds of movies are able to better to portray the intricacies of human beings or at least given the opportunity compared to movies relying only on sex appeal and/or car chases.  The role of Erin Bell allowed Nicole Kidman to be nominated for the Best Actress Golden Globe Award for the action, crime, drama. Toby Kebbell, Sebastian Stan, James Jordan, and Tatiana Maslany give good performances.  It centers around a LAPD detective as she searches for a killer from her past and whatever purpose she might have left in her life.  It’s a gritty story where Nicole Kidman shines as an actress.  You watch it for her performance especially those scenes when she  harbors deep guilt and secrets from her short lived career as an undercover officer.  As Bell follows clue after clue to find the person she holds partially responsible for her misery, the movie comes to a sobering end.  The only part that could have been explored a little deeper was her relationship with her family.