Journal Entry Type #21: Different Subjects, Different Tastes

Here is my bright idea of different subjects and my take on them in a sentence or two or three and more.


Chapstick/Lipbalm: I could not live without it. I have about 15 tubes from different companies in my apartment. They are so essential especially now that I live in the desert. My skin was already dry, but now it’s really dry. My lips crack like it’s going out of style.

White Bread: There is nothing good or nutritious about white bread. I wasn’t raised on it so I rarely eat it. I was never a bread person to begin with nor a cereal person. If I never eat a white roll or bun, I wouldn’t be upset.

American Football: I don’t get it. I don’t watch it. A billion people probably watch it around the world. A million dollars wouldn’t be enough money for me to sit through a game. I would need, at least, five million for all the suffering I would endure mentally. I’ve never watched a Superbowl game in my life. No thanks.

Trees: I like trees of all kinds, even the smelly ones. Birch trees are interesting since the bark peels off and from what I remember burns easy when dry.

Phone Apps : Some of them come in handy, but most of them I don’t have time for and could care less. It eats up too much of my time if I loaded my phone with them. I used to play FarmVille and Candy Crush when they first came out on FB. I only play Angry Birds if I’m waiting for my food and have nothing else to do.

Eating: I wish I didn’t have to eat. It’s a waste of time. I find it tiresome and irritating I have to do this every day. Although I do find value in eating pomelo/pummelo and pomegranates, but it’s the process I like. I eat in a hurry most of the time. Bad, I know. I should view eating as positive and not a negative.

Cooking: I find this task even worse than eating. It’s a battle I experience every time I do decide to cook for myself although I did make buckwheat pancakes last weekend.

Fast Food: Back in the day when I ate meat, I remember going to Arby’s and eating their roast beef sandwiches and curly fries. I hardly eat fries anymore because fried food is bad and I shouldn’t be eating them anyway according to my doctor. I definitely don’t eat chicken, pork, or beef anymore. I should go back to a vegan diet, but right now it seems unlikely as I sometimes have dairy. Bad, I know.

Organizing: I could do it morning, noon, and night. I reorganize stuff to relax. My clothes need to be facing a certain way in the closet with my short sleeve shirts together and my long sleeve shirts together, but my socks are stuffed willy-nilly into my drawer.

Reality TV: I find most of it useless to watch. I used to watch ANTM (America’s Next Top Model). I still watch DWTS (Dancing with the Stars) even though it has reached now the bottom of the ocean bed. My mom doesn’t understand why I watch it. I never got into American Idol or any singing reality show. I sometimes watch Forged in Fire, but reality show popularity has to be waning somewhat. Then again, the Kardashians are still around, so maybe not.

Spiders: I know they serve a purpose, but damn they are ugly except tarantulas. I recently had a conversation about this with someone. I think it’s wired within people to be afraid of them and yet many of them are tiny when compared to humans. It doesn’t make sense because mosquitoes kill by far more people.

Garbage: Since I’m the one who mainly takes out the garbage every week, I’m used to the nasty smells and think of it as a badge of honor. I also get exercise, although very little, when I go up and down the stairs. Now, the stair stepper in the gym is another story.

Beauty: They say it’s in the eye of the beholder. I’m all about natural beauty so when I see people either slapping too much makeup on or spray tanning a little too much, it makes me wonder why they’re doing this. I read plastic surgery is all the rage in South Korea. While I wouldn’t object to have some nips and tucks on my body especially parts of my face and to get rid of lines and scars on my body, it is what it is. I had the displeasure of getting Botox for another reason than vanity. It hurt like hell. Since I scar easily, it wouldn’t make much sense to have a doctor cut into me to get rid of something else. Besides, you might be able to slow down the process of aging, but you’re still aging.

Headaches: For someone who has had headaches non-stop since about 11 years ago, I’m used to them, but it still sucks. I’m hoping for some relief in the future, but I have to wait until I get something else taken care of. Constant headaches have affected my daily life and gotten to the point of what intensity my headache is and not whether I have one or not. I don’t sleep as well as I used to, have to force myself to do things now, and use perspective such as at least I’m not fighting zombies or aliens when it gets really bad.

Cockroaches: There is nothing good to say about them. Have you seen the articles about people who say cockroach milk/liquid is nutritious? Gross! Diseased and filthy insects that never seem to die and love apartments. Disgusting! Get rid of them!

Geckos: Now that I live in the desert, I welcome all geckos inside and outside my apartment. They eat scorpions. I love reptiles. I love geckos. I love snakes. Enough said.

Cotton: I never saw cotton outside of a t-shirt until I was in AZ since I grew up in the Midwest. Interesting fiber that many people wear and it feels good against your skin.

MMA Fighting: I don’t mind watching these fights although it’s a dangerous sport. It’s harsh on your body, you can get brain damage after a while, and you get cauliflower ears from all the damage and trauma. Maybe, I should stop watching them.

Dogs: I like medium to big sized dogs. I’m used to working dogs (think Shelties, Border Collies, and Australian Shepherds). I’m not a fan of small dogs because I’ve run into a few very territorial and bark too much. And no, I didn’t grow up on a farm although I’ve smelled enough cows to last me a life time.

Watches: I’ve lost some, water damaged others, and currently have a blue sports watch. Think 25 to 30 dollar range. Cheap is what I need. I’m hard on my watches. Why buy an expensive watch when I’m just going bang it around on things or lose it? It serves its purpose on my jogs and you wear watches on your non-dominant writing hand, just in case you were wondering.

Doctors: They’ve come a long way in what they can do. Okay, some of them. The current one I’ve been seeing has very little bedside manner. This is no exaggeration, but he got me to where I needed to go which is to another doctor who will now be fourth person to operate on me. On the bright side, I’m learning new areas of my body and the things that can develop over time. This time in my salivary glands. There you have it and now you know a little more about me.


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