Book Recommendation: Loser Take All

Quote by Mark Crispin Miller: “Immoral is choosing not to act when you hold in your hands the power to create perfection.”


Publisher: Ig Publishing

Publication Date: April 1, 2008

Page Number: 200


It’s amazing to think I had no interest in politics at one point in my life.  I didn’t put too much stock into Democrats or Republicans or Independents.  Although I knew pretty much who I was going to vote for in Presidential elections, I didn’t think too much about the glaring dysfunction of Congress, mainly the inability to work together between the parties.  When I read this book shortly after it was published, I wasn’t surprised this was happening.  As Mark Crispin Miller points throughout Loser Take All, there is criticism to be found in every layer of George W. Bush’s second Presidential election.  He equally blames the Democrats and Republicans for the corruption found in the voting process.  This deliberate interference is backed up with documents and records from officials and executives in charge of the voting process.  The insertion of graphs, tables, and probabilities offer additional statistical evidence that point to a political system straying away from any hint of democracy.  Miller calls this voter fraud for what it was and what it still is today where some aspects have changed and others stayed firmly rooted in place.  With the U.S. Presidential election knocking soon on American doors in 2020, I’m hoping for less interference no matter where it originates and more people recognizing this interference when they see it.  While no one person is responsible for the U.S. voting process, it doesn’t change the fact we are still working on reform to make it more accessible in every state.  This is a fast read with a solid backing of references.


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