Halloween Movies I’ve Watched (Talk About Little Effort on My Part)

Again, I want to thank everyone who has liked, followed, and commented on my blog this year.  I wish there was more time to browse my various social media platforms and those who connected with me in some way.  Because I’m a person who values my alone time, which is interesting since I’m alone most of the time already, but work lately has been eating up most of my time.  No joke because I’m usually trying to decompress after the fact on the weekend too.  I might have been kidding myself I don’t have a sleeping problem and will finally be taking part in a sleep apnea test.  I’ve been running on about a quarter less energy than I used to in the last few years.  New doctor for a different issue equals more tests, appointments, and hopefully no more surgery.  The last two years I recommended Halloween movies to watch, not all necessarily good, but this year I’m listing the ones I recently watched again or for the first time as in The Dead Don’t Die. Most of it was unplanned as I didn’t want to anything else or my roommate happened to be watching a few of them and I never left the futon.  I highly recommend watching The Dead Don’t Die despite the mixed reviews.  Happy Halloween everyone.








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