Journal Entry Type #24: It’s Been a Good 1.5 Years California, but I Miss You!


I talk a lot about Los Angeles and missing California, but it’s because I do miss it in some respects.  It’s a great place to live for the weather minus the fires (those also set intentionally by arsonists).  The weather is nice because who doesn’t like the sun and despite “the valley” getting hotter, it’s still tolerable.  I can say that now even more since I moved to an even hotter place.  You’re not too far away from the ocean either.  I guess having the option to visit the ocean when it’s an hour or two away, depending on which beach you want to see is what I miss the most.  My next step in life involved moving and moving I did.  I’ve made tentative plans to go back to LA for a few days in 2020, call it mini vacation if you will, and visit some of the areas I’ve missed.  I also would like to visit some destinations I never did when I lived there.  I suppose it will make it all the sweeter in 2020.  The other reason of posting this is to comment that more people moved out of California in 2018 than moved into the state according to the U.S. Census Bureau data.  People don’t seem to be persuaded to stay in a state where many cities have a high cost of living.  Yet, there are others who want the California lifestyle and can afford it.  Approximately 691,000 people moved out of CA and 501,000 people moved into CA in 2018.  Where did the people who moved out of CA relocate to?  Look below and I promise this is the last blog about CA and LA this year.  I also included the top 10 most expensive U.S. cities to live in from Kiplinger in 2019.  Los Angeles was ranked 12th, behind Orange County at 11th and above San Diego at 13th.  If you want to see all the Kiplinger statistics, click on the the words MORE STATS below.





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