Journal Entry Type #29: Oh Me, Oh My!

2020bOh me, oh my, for how tired am I!  I would like to say welcome back to myself to WordPress.  It’s been a whole five days not looking at my blog in the New Year.  I’m dealing with a major cold right now on top of needing to find a doctor to read my sleep test results and find a new doctor who will turn in referrals so I don’t have to wait another three months for my other problem.  I expected a lot better from UNLV medicine, but onto equally important topics like writing.  While I might have rushed my rewrite for my love story, I finished it yesterday and printed it today.  This version will be critiqued by my roommate.  No matter what suggestions he makes, I plan on self-publishing it this year.  I’m also going to start my second novel idea soon, so it can be finished in 2020, revised and self-published in 2021.  Then onto the next one, my trilogy that might just be one book but I’ll have to see when I get there.  I ended up playing Jenga this weekend along with binge watching Orange is the New Black, coloring one of my many designs, and reading the many books next to my bed.  The second week of January begins tomorrow and as I inch closer to certain things and farther from others, time and money continues to be weird phenomenons.  All I can do is carry on and keep drinking ice tea while trying to get my life more together.

This is what I call SLOW PROGRESS!



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