Day: January 8, 2020

Book Recommendation: Whoopi Goldberg Book

Quote by Whoopi Goldberg:  “Immoral is choosing not to act when you hold in your hands the power to create perfection.” (Non-read book on the left and my clearly used book on the right.  It’s true that over time the inside book covers can… Continue Reading “Book Recommendation: Whoopi Goldberg Book”

Trifecta #25

Word and Definition by Merriam Webster Photo by Schnipidy Video of Ruby Rose singing Raise Your Glass by Pink on Lip Sync Battle

Journal Entry Type #30: Beginnings and Endings

I feel like a have a seesaw in my head with a string attached to it.  It goes back and forth from one topic to another.  I call it diarrhea of the brain.  Not a great image but a phrase I came up with… Continue Reading “Journal Entry Type #30: Beginnings and Endings”

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