Book Recommendation: Whoopi Goldberg Book

Quote by Whoopi Goldberg: 

“Immoral is choosing not to act when you hold in your hands the power to create perfection.”

(Non-read book on the left and my clearly used book on the right.  It’s true that over time the inside book covers can change colors.)

Publisher: Avon Books

Publication Date: October 1998

Page Number: 286


Long before Whoopi Goldberg was duking it out on screen with Megan McCain on The View, she wrote a book titled “Whoopi Goldberg Book.”  It came out in hardcover in 1997 and paperback in 1998.  I’m glad I waited 22 years to finish reading it.  I don’t think I would have appreciated it was much when I was still in my twenties.  She mentioned and wondered what life would be like 25 years later.  Well, we’re basically 2 years and 11 months away.  I doubt she ever thought the United States and the world for that matter would be so polarized among races, cultures, and groups.  She also wondered if she had it within herself to write like a formal essayist later.  She was in her early 40s when this was published.  Since this time she has written more books and a children’s series called Sugar Plum Ballerinas.  I suspect she wrote about this because secretly she wanted to be a ballerina or because like myself am at awe with dancers who stand vertical on their feet or maybe a combination of the two.  She writes it like she sees it and lets it all hang out in this book: the things she holds dear, the things that bother her, the things she doesn’t understand, the things she won’t ever do, and most of all incorporating her background and who she is as a person.  I’m not that kind of person to be so forward, unabashedly so, but it gives me the inspiration to include certain information I might be hesitant with in future stories.  While I may not agree with everything she says, I pushed all the other 14 books I’m currently reading to make room for this one.


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