Weekly Facts #2


Office desks have 400 more times bacterial than a toilet seat.  Think about it.  You sneeze, blow your nose, eat and drink, blow dust from it.  Other people come to your desk and touch your stuff.  It’s a dirty surface so clean it more than less.




It takes about fifteen minutes for a healthy sleeper to fall asleep.  If it takes less than five minutes, it is likely some kind of sleep deprivation.  It never takes me less than five minutes unless I’m completely exhausted, but taking an hour to fall asleep isn’t good either.




Imagining doing exercises increases muscle strength.  Okay, so the brain is powerful.  It probably is better thinking of executing arm curls when compared to the shake weight, but we all know actually putting weights into your hands and lifting is the much better option if you want to see results.  Case closed.



coffeeThere’s quite a bit of range so I’m sticking with the answer that it would take a person yelling for eight years, seven months, and six days would heat up a cup of coffee.  The other answers were seven years, one year, and five days.  The bottom line is it takes energy to heat up coffee whether done by yelling, machine, microwave, and old school maybe on the stove.



The human being has survived for two million years while the dinosaurs survived for 150 years.  We have a long ways to go and unless scientists and technology can purify salt water, human beings will probably die out from lack of water over anything else.  A person can live without food for a good month, but the average is ten to fifteen days.  Water is a different story.  We last about three to five days without water.



Most lip balm is made to be addictive.  The more you use it, the more you need it.  This might be the case, but I’d rather be addicted to it than have cracked and bloody lips.  I’ve had this happen before and worse, it hurts especially during cold winters.  I don’t know what people used to do to protect and moisturize their lips before lip balm was invented.  I would have suffered even greater.



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