Weekly Facts #3

I started a new position at my current company.  I’m busy and more busy.  There is not a moment to spare.  I will not be probably including as much information this time or photos.  Here are the weekly facts for this week.

  1.  Thinking in a foreign language makes decisions more rational and judge risks more clearly.
  2.  Mondays are the most unproductive days of the week.  Only about 3.5 hours of work are actually done on Mondays.  This isn’t too surprising because as some people call it the Sunday dread. 
  3. Minnesota has about 90,000 miles of shoreline.  This is more than California, Florida, and Hawaii combined.  This is hard to believe, but the Mall of America is the size of 78 football fields.
  4. McDonald’s daily customer traffic is 62 million.  This is more than the population of Great Britain.  I still feel sorry for the McDonald brothers and Ray Kroc could’ve been a lot nicer to them along the way.
  5. You burn more calories sleeping than watching TV.  This makes sense because not only does watching TV tend to numb the mind, but sitting it not good for your body.  I know because I sit at work, sit when I write, sit when I blog, sit when I watch TV.  We have become a people of sitting.




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