Three Quotes from Me and Random Thoughts too

Given how much people love to post their views on social media and consume things beyond necessity (food, alcohol, prescription drugs), I thought come up with a few quotes on how I feel currently.  While I have no illusion that people think they are on the top of the food chain and whatever hierarchical order you want to put us, we excel in many things due to our brains (not that we use it to our full potential) and opposable thumbs.  With this being said, the environmentalist and sometimes pessimist in me thinks and feels eventually human beings will wipe themselves out.  Planet Earth will release some tears of joy and rejuvenate itself to the point of new life.  For the life of me, I have tried to take 5 minute showers for over a year now.  I have a sand timer that LADWP gave me and by the time I make sure I don’t smell anymore and wash my hair, it’s at the 10 minute mark.  I usually end a shower at the 12 minute mark and if I’m really lazy then 15.  I know it seems a long time, but I’m not willing to take a shower in fast forward or rewind speed.  I do that enough already.  Shouldn’t showers be relaxing and plus I don’t take one every day unless I have a good reason.  Taking two showers in one day is something I would NEVER do because it’s time consuming and wasteful.  I have other things to do although some people love their showers. 


With the news of Kobe Bryant and his daughter recently dying in a helicopter crash, I read more than I wanted to by people.  Some thought he deserved to die (really, okay, who made you the maker), others thought he was talent gone too soon (basketball fans), others brought up his rape charge (never even knew about it), and then there was me who thought what a tragedy (as I’m not a basketball fan) and went on with my day.   I didn’t know him personally, never watched one of his games, questioned what team he was on (despite me living in L.A. for over 10 years), and yet I know most everyone doesn’t intend or want to die in a malfunctioning helicopter.  I didn’t get amped up about his rape charge, but when I read how old he was, I thought wow, he was younger than me.  I do mourn the loss of most human life as a generality including his because I’m not judge or jury when it comes to Kobe Bryant nor anyone else except maybe my biological father, but even with that he made his own bed and died in it more or less.


I’ve always been a huge animal rights lover and activist within reason.  I don’t think hoarding animals in terrible conditions is a good thing despite the good intentions.  You need the mindset and resources to take care of a lot of animals.  Any animal covered in their own feces for a long time is not a good thing.  This is not taking care of an animal and yet people do it all the time.  You see these stories on television about a particular person (women, men, couples), but equally bad is those who kill animals for no damn reason and destroy their families and land around those fortunate enough not to be killed.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a proponent of legalized population control to an extent.  Before I became a vegetarian and trying currently to be a full time vegan eating person, I went deer hunting.  I never shot anything, but I learned there is a difference between a responsible hunter and one who shoots carelessly at something without much thought.  I’d much rather see a deer turned into venison than starving to death during the winter or hit by a car which happens more than it should.  Deer love to leap from nowhere onto roads in the Midwest.  The biggest and most tragic animal that has become such a commodity is the elephant.  I can’t tell you how much elephant poaching boils my blood, and I’m thankful for the conservationists and advocates who do their best to protect them.  As you can see as much as I love lights and busyness of large cities, I also love the solitude you find in nature.  Maybe, what I’m also hinting at is how I need a vacation too.



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