Weekly Facts #7

I spent some of Saturday working and then stood in line for three hours to vote for who I wanted to be the Democratic candidate to run against Trump in November 2020.  I remember a long time ago in my Political Science class how important it was to vote (in the semi-Democracy the U.S.A has), at least that is what my professor said.  We conducted a poll in his class and he said every year it had never been wrong.  This was during the time of the Clinton/Gore (Democrat) or Bob Dole/Jack Kemp (Republican) ticket.  I wonder if his students predicted it right in 2016 as Trump/Pence won the electoral vote but not the popular vote (despite Trump thinking he did).  This is the long version of me running out of time to expand on these facts plus I binge watched Narcos: Mexico over the weekend.  If you haven’t already watched season two, watch it.  Netflix better renew it for a third season so I can see where Walt Breslin next travels to and see the great acting by Diego Luna as Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo.


An astronaut can be up to two inches taller returning from space.  The cartilage disks in the spine expand in the absence of gravity.  Sounds like I need to go to space to become taller?

J is the only letter that doesn’t appear in the periodic table of elements.  Interesting for science geeks or maybe not.

Abraham Lincoln’s corpse has been buried, exhumed, inspected, or reburied about 17 times since his death.  This doesn’t surprise me, but safe to say Lincoln won’t be dug up again.

Without an atmosphere, the surface temperature on Earth at the equator would be 176 degrees by day and fall to -200 degrees at night.  No thanks.

Kissing can reduce tooth decay.  Okay, I’d rather brush my teeth.

Brandy is the liquor most likely to cause the most severe hangover.  Good to know for those who drink heavily although this is probably already known.



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