Day: February 24, 2020

Poem: Wrong Step

            As if you slide down the hole, brown around you, then black and blacker still, the dirt no longer on your face, the rocks no longer bumping your forearms, the roots no longer hitting your hands, it dawns… Continue Reading “Poem: Wrong Step”

Weekly Facts #8

Since I never posted this when I should’ve, here are the facts for last week.  The oldest recipe in existence is for beer.  This doesn’t surprise me. In 1977 a 13 year old child found a tooth growing out of his left foot.  I… Continue Reading “Weekly Facts #8”

Journal Entry Type #32: Sort of the Last Weekend in February

I haven’t forgotten about my blog.  I spent Saturday watching how Nevada caucus would turn out.  Bernie Sanders won with the most delegates, Joe Biden came in second although if he can catch up to Bernie remains to be seen.  He has a tall… Continue Reading “Journal Entry Type #32: Sort of the Last Weekend in February”

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