More You Know: Looking for a Different Job, Try This!

Let’s face it, we’ve all looked for that perfect job and again very few of us have that perfect job where we feel 100% positive about whatever job it might be.  Most of us would rather be retired than working although there are probably a handful that like a routine and need to have a job in order to function.  I’m not sure yet where I fall into this category as I like to keep busy, but also enjoy my free time.  I could easily fall into a pattern of eating, drinking ice tea, watching TV and movies (wait, I do that already) instead of doing other things I should be doing.  As a way to further not do what I should be doing, I looked up different jobs around the world.  Some are better than others.  Some are downright not a chance would I do that.  Anyway, here they are in no particular order.

Do you like hockey?  As a Stanley Cup keeper, you are responsible to making sure the Stanley Cup doesn’t disappear as the winning team gets to have it while they celebrate.

Do you like eating dog food?  You can be a pet food tester.  You will be eating dog treats and dog food.  It’s a good way of not having to buy lunch.

Do you like clean water and bikes?  Move to Amsterdam and be a bike digger/fisher.  They empty the over 10,000+ bikes from the canals every year due to tourists.

Do you like shoving people?  Move to Japan and you can shove people onto trains during rush hour times.  These train pushers shove as many people onto one train as possible.

Do you like riding bike and dodging traffic?  In large cities, bike messengers are necessary such as New York City.  They basically provide quick delivery services compared to the longer option of taxis and walking.

Do you like to cry?  You can become a professional mourner in Africa, China, and the Middle East.  All you have to do is cry and make sad noises.

Do you have an addiction to Facebook?  Those who have no issue with creating fake accounts to boost someone’s ego, you can be a fake Facebooker.  Yes, that’s right.  I aim to have three million followers and six million likes (just kidding).

Do you like chemistry?  Those who are smart in chemistry can be a flavorist.  They get paid six figures for deciding natural and artificial flavors.

Do you like ostriches? As an ostrich babysitter, you are responsible for making sure they don’t hurt each other with their beaks and not get eviscerated in the process.

Do you like being creative?  The nail polish namer comes up with those memorable and catchy names on the bottles.

Do you like gum?  You can be a gumologist which means you figure how much flavor and sweetness/tartness should be in a piece of gum.  It also includes chewing gum.

Do you like ears?  In India, you can be a ear cleaner, which is an art passed down in the family.  They use a cotton covered needle and a pair of pincers. 

Do you like snakes?  Or maybe aren’t afraid to handle venomous snakes.  As a snake milker, you basically squeeze venom out of snake fangs for various medical uses.

Do you like to be in traffic?  Move to to Tehran, Iran and be a car plate blocker.  This way odd number license plates can drive with the even because your body covers the plate. 

Do you like pens?  People often have special pens and so when one breaks, it’s not a good thing.  You can be a fountain pen doctor which means you more than likely be fixing the nib from which the ink flows. 

Do you like cleaning and movies?  As IMAX screen cleaner, you clean dust and anything else people throw at screens.  This is not a job if you’re allergic to dust such as myself.


Which job would I like the best and least out of all of these?  I would say the nail polish namer the best and the dog food tester the least.  Now, it’s your turn to decide.



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