More You Know: Most and Least Narcissistic U.S. Presidents

When this narcissistic poll was conducted by the Association for Psychological Science and published online by Psychological Science, it was 2013 and President Barack Obama was in his second term and the U.S. was not on their edge of their seats to see who would replace him compared to 2015.  When 2016 came upon us and Donald Trump won, then I really started to wonder what would happen as these four years went by.  Fast forward to 2020 and here we are again.  I’m sure in about ten years or so another poll will be conducted to include Obama and Trump and see where they fall into the mix.  For now here are the former presidents at the time the poll was conducted in ranking order from most narcissistic being Lyndon B. Johnson and Millard Fillmore being the least narcissistic.  It’s no surprise presidents are more narcissistic than most Americans as the research shows.  You’d have to be if your goal is to be the most powerful person in the U.S, the big kahuna as I call it.  The study cites grandiose narcissism increasing among presidents, which includes attention-seeking, inflated demands, and denial of their weaknesses.  Again, no surprise with the influx of social media.  Their personalities, character, and performance were used in determining the list, but as with any poll it is not 100% objective.  The truth remains it’s good to have self-worth, but how much before it becomes an enemy to the self is less clear.  You need a thick skin to want to be president and be able to handle criticism.  Some people are better able to handle it, others less so but once your in the White House, it’s a whole new kind of game for everyone to witness.  The year 2016 was a turning point when it came to the U.S. presidency and it’s looking like 2020 will be as well.  How history will look upon this time period remains to be seen, but one thing’s for certain both Obama and Trump will be included in the history books for very different reasons.



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