Journal Entry Type #34: Do I Need Teeth? I Guess I Do!

toothThis all started because as much as I know I need to see the dentist twice a year and at one point four times a year, I hate going to the dentist including today.  Why because my teeth suck!  I was given an electric toothbrush a long time ago as a gift, but the dummy I was I rejected it.  Fast forward to about 24 years later and I just bought a Oral B electric toothbrush because the person who cleaned my teeth recommended one.  I admit I don’t floss every day and I need to do this because what I went through sucked even more.  While it won’t replace everything I’ve lost including the enamel on my teeth from brushing too hard, eating citrus fruit as if they were going out of style, and grinding my teeth/clenching my jaw.

They had to shoot Novocain into my mouth and I felt pain again as she cleaned my teeth, but this time I had inflammation of my gums.  I paid more money because it’s worth it to me and had a laser treatment cleaning as well.   I sometimes want the dentist to yank all my teeth out.  Yet, I don’t want to be sucking breakfast, lunch, and dinner through a straw the rest of my life.  It would probably cause more problems than less for me.  This is my promise to myself to floss my teeth every day.  I will try to not think how many times I need to have Novocain inserted into my gums until I’m the age of retirement and beyond.  I want my dentist back I had as a child.  I hardly felt the Novocain when he did it.  Now, it just hurts really bad.  I use toothpaste for sensitive teeth including a prescription I should use more.  On that note, I will depart with a tip to angle your toothbrush (what I learned today) so you can get at your gum line and not just front of your tooth.  Good if you do that already because I clearly was out of the loop.


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