FYI: Coronavirus Map

I’m sure everyone around the world has heard of the Coronavirus by now.  It’s nothing to take lightly but also keeping things in perspective is important.  I’m not a fan of people who incite panic in others for the sake of seeing it unfold in the public.  I refer to them as shit starters.  I’m not fond of them because there’s a definite line between freedom of speech (American version) and just spewing nonsense all over the place.  I’m posting this as an opportunity to show people where the Coronavirus is currently and other statistics about it from John Hopkins.  It is a reputable university in the U.S.  You can also go to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), which I included below too.  I learned of the John Hopkins site last night so I’m passing it on, not to spread panic (we don’t need more of that).  Unfortunately, this virus is here to stay in 2020 and beyond.  I call this as I always have in the past with these kinds of posts: the more you know and/or FYI.

On a creative note, if you don’t see posts of my writings (short stories, flash fiction, and poems), it’s for a reason.  I’m compiling a poem and short writing collection to be on Amazon in e-book format for free.  It will be primarily of old stuff, some reworked old stuff, and some new stuff.  I will release it sometime this year.  I’m not going to put a definite date on it because I don’t want to end up like George R.R. Martin.  And believe it or not, I’m looking forward to rewriting my love story to make it better after it gets fully read and continue working on my two sisters story this weekend.


Click on the picture above to take me to John Hopkins website.


Click on the picture above to take me to the CDC website.




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