FYI: Pound-For-Pound UFC Ranking

I had this plan of constructing MMA facts, but time is limited so here is what I have. It isn’t much. I was curious as to who in the world punches the hardest in regards to MMA fighters and I had planned on watching some past UFC fights to take advantage of my ESPN+ subscription. So far, I haven’t done it. Why? Because there’s too many things I’m doing like writing short stories, rewriting my novel, working on my collections. Then, there’s my coloring projects and wanting to make bookmarks. Anyway, this week was tough. Changes occurred where I work due to the Coronavirus and while it was not as painful as a punch to the face, it was emotionally draining. Luckily, I am going back to work on Monday. As of right now, the consensus seems to be the world’s hardest punch belongs to the fist of Francis Ngannou. This means his punch is the equivalent to 96 horsepower or getting hit by a high speed Ford Escort. Derrick Lewis also punches hard as his calculation was measured differently at 967. Let’s just say both have more power behind their fists than probably ten people combined. I also listed the top 15 pound for pound UFC fighters for men and women.

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