Day: May 10, 2020

Poem: Voice

I hear your voice, the one that makes me want to scream, joyfully out loud. It doesn’t matter if I never meet you. Not caring if your hands never touch my face, but knowing you somehow fully see me in the power you have.… Continue Reading “Poem: Voice”

Poem: I Am Not The One

Control your fears while there’s time, the rats still scurry around, a man walks the streets today dumbfounded, maybe gone the next day and underground. No more music, lesser dancing, loss of children in select towns, consider yourself lucky the Pied Piper, did not… Continue Reading “Poem: I Am Not The One”

Poem: Broken Chin

She took mine and I took hers, that is the way it built. With each placement of our steps, and dirt kicking under our shoes, failure easily entered. Careless thoughts and broken promises, nothing but stomping, it was second nature. She let go of… Continue Reading “Poem: Broken Chin”

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