Lazy Sunday with Games

A few weeks ago, I realized I never included Tetris in my short lived game playing. It was one of the greatest games ever invented although Wheel of Fortune and Monopoly belong in the pile too. I had all intentions of biking at Lake Mead, the weather wasn’t going to be too hot (mid 90s) but due to my not feeling well, I laid low. I hardly did anything yesterday due to my inability to sleep (felt achy and pukey). I’m feeling better today but still not feeling 100%. Then again, it’s been a while since I’ve felt 100%. Anyway, I preferred playing Wheel of Fortune over Monopoly and the card game Uno is good too. A new week starts tomorrow and I’m hoping for a more productive one on certain levels. In due time but eventually 2020 will turn into 2021 and I will be focused on new projects (I hope).

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