Day: June 18, 2020

Poem: On the Cuff

Finger to the mouth, I touch my soft lips, Dainty they have been described, I know they are not. You have seen me, A short time passing, More nights should be like this, To survive our aging looks. Hands to my ears, Turn around… Continue Reading “Poem: On the Cuff”

More You Know: Know Your Nuts

For some reason I’m thinking about the holidays. Back in the day when I lived with my parents, they brought out the bowl of nuts in November or December. I would crack them with the metal tool and with the tiny metal picker, scrape… Continue Reading “More You Know: Know Your Nuts”

Journal Entry Type #47: Dating? Who Needs It? Not Me!

Is it Thursday already? Has four days gone by without blogging? Yes and yes. What have I been doing in these four days? The usual of working (as most of us know takes up much of our time) and then when I am done… Continue Reading “Journal Entry Type #47: Dating? Who Needs It? Not Me!”

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