More You Know: Know Your Nuts

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For some reason I’m thinking about the holidays. Back in the day when I lived with my parents, they brought out the bowl of nuts in November or December. I would crack them with the metal tool and with the tiny metal picker, scrape out the pieces that stuck to the sides of the shell. The walnut and pecans were easy to get out but damn those Brazil nuts. I’d spend a good two minutes trying to get every last bit of the nut. They were the best ones. A little sweet and a whole lot of nutty. The almonds were always good and the pecans and walnuts too. The walnuts could get a little dry in my mouth but that is the purpose of water. The macadamia I could go without, but the hazelnut was okay. I try not to eat too many nuts due to the state of my teeth although I still sometimes eat almonds, peanuts, and pistachios. If I’m feeling really ambitious, I use a hammer to make them smaller. You’d think I’d just put them in a blender. Are you kidding me? I’d have to get a chair to get that. It’s too time consuming. Why use a hammer and a plastic bag? I mean I save so much time doing it this way (written with sarcasm). Since the U.S. is now a major producer of pistachios, there is no need to buy the dyed red ones. Does anyone miss having dyed red hands? Probably not. This is all I have to say about nuts for now.

Brazil Nut

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