Poem: I Give You a Promise

(Before you read my newest poem as it came to me as I was revising my old ones, does anyone know how to select everything on a post in order to make the words black not gray? I’m having one hell of a time with this and it’s highly annoying when I write in Word. Maybe, I should just upload it like a normal person, but I’d rather not do it that way. If anyone has any pointers, let me know because I use copy and paste. I don’t know why it transfers this way, but I’m much too tired to change every line right now. First world problems, right?)

Show yourself to me.

You wicked one who hides behind the trees.

Hear my words, I give you a promise.

My sword shall not be drawn until I see your yellow eyes.

I will slay your ugly face in the bellies of the shadows.

We will battle once more when they appear.

Beast and man as my father did many times before.

Let me see your battle scars under the blue sky.

Hear my words, I give no respect until I see your yellow eyes.

Don’t delay your revenge for those who killed your kind.

Let our encounter speak for itself.

Your wickedness has tormented my heart long enough.

I don’t desire to slay your ugly body anymore than you do mine.

My hand is on my sword ready for battle.

Hear my words, those yellow eyes of yours will soon be mine.

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