Last Five Movies I’ve Watched

I’m not going to list what I usually do such as director, actors, actresses, genre, length of movie, rating, and more. I’m going to give a brief summary of each movie, overall rating of the movie, and whatever else comes to mind. Watch at your own accord as I’m not responsible for time lost or experienced gained.


A Quiet Place is about living in a post apocalyptic world with creatures that have excellent hearing but can’t see because they have no eyes. I’m not quite sure how they don’t run into trees and cars, but hey that shouldn’t detract from the movie. I liked the movie because I didn’t really know how it was going to end and the relationship between father and daughter was good. The dynamic between hearing and seeing was played out well between daughter and creature. I’m excited to see what the sequel has in store. I rate this movie GREAT at 90%.


Parasite is about comparing two different families. One is rich and the other is poor. The parents are nothing out of the ordinary in both families. The kids are kids in both families. I wasn’t sure how the movie would end, but it was different from what I had envisioned. I preferred the beginning and middle compared to the ending as I thought it went a little off the rails. It was an interesting concept and storyline and it obviously made an impression because I was legitimately sad when it ended. I rate this movie GREAT at 90%.


Tortoise vs Hare is a children’s movie about the race between the tortoise and the hare. It doesn’t have much to it except child like humor and the theme of working together. Let’s just say I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking for an animation movie with more adult references. It was the movie I least paid attention to and one I have no ambition to keep. It’s part of a three movies created by Jim Henson but with this being said, it still was good. I rate this movie GOOD at 77%.


The Wolverine is about the superhero, Wolverine, and this time he is in Japan trying to unravel what is happening to a family and how the Yazuka fit into the picture and a man he met from a long time ago. I will say this reminded me of the “good old days” when Hugh Jackman was one of the IT guys in Hollywood. It took a while for the movie to catch speed, but once it did, I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied. I enjoyed the middle and ending the most. The scene on the train was spectacular. I rate this movie GREAT at 90%.


The Witch is the most interesting and slow paced movies out of the five and yet it plays well on the dichotomy of religion and the occult as well as purity and the not so pure. Based on the advertising at the time, it’s clear this evil takes on many forms as it also says on the one sheet. It has a New England feel to it which isn’t surprising because it deals with a family of Pilgrims. It took me a few tries to watch it to the end. I would’ve liked to see more rabbits throughout it for obvious reasons. The ending made me feel a little unnerved and then wondered about their daughter even more. I rate this movie GOOD at 75%.

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