Weekly Facts #27

There are five types of climate on Earth. They are tropical, dry, temperate, continental, and polar.

The largest body of water is the Pacific Ocean with a maximum depth of 11,022 meters and area of 179,650,000 square kilometers. The second is the Atlantic Ocean with a maximum depth of 9,212 meters and area of 106,100,000 square kilometers. The third is the Indian Ocean with maximum depth of 7,450 meters and area of 74,900,000 square kilometers. The fourth is the Artic Ocean with maximum depth of 7,450 meters and area of 13,230,000 square kilometers.

There are side and top loading hot dog buns, but they all probably originated from Americans thinking Germans who ate sausages on buns looked like dachshunds.

There are different kinds of burns such as friction, cold (frostbite), thermal, chemical, radiation, and electrical. Based on the severity of the burn, it ranges from first to fourth-degree burn. The first-degree is the least painful and dangerous. Think of a sunburn where the outer layer (epidermis) of skin burns. Second-degree burns burn the outer layer as well as the middle layer (dermis). Think of scalding hot water on your hand where blisters will form and maybe scarring. Third-degree burns burn the outer and middle layer to the point of damaging nerves. The fatty tissue is burned as well. Think long exposure to hot surfaces and flames. Fourth-degree burns is life threatening where all layers of the skin is burned. Think wide consuming fire and not able to escape in time.

Tart cherry juice or tart cherries is the fruit with the most melatonin. Other fruits and grains with melatonin are pineapples, bananas, oranges, tomatoes, oats, sweet corn, rice, and barley.

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