Book Recommendation: Best of the Best American Poetry

Publication Date: April 9, 2013
Publisher: Scribner; Anniversary edition
Page Number: 352
I had this urge to read more contemporary poetry. Therefore, I invested in this book as I also wanted to read poems by varied poets.  This 25th edition serves as a change of times when it was published in 2013.  Long gone are the days of poems from Edgar Allan Poe although he remains one of my favorites despite him marrying his 13-year old cousin.  The Best American Poetry was first published in 1988 and included seventy-five poems in each edition.  This edition has 100 poems with guest editor, Robert Pinsky.  Most poems are between two to five pages and one that’s 20 pages.  I’ve only read a handful of poems and look forward to the inspiration I might find while reading this and reading more of it in general.

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