Music and Jogging

With Grant Imahara dying, interview of Mary Trump, COVID not going away, paralyzing world economy, my car making sounds I don’t like, and personal things I wish were different, I have gravitated toward things that make me feel better or so I believe. Sometimes, I think I should be doing something else (read better and more productive but whatever). They tend to do mindless things like watching music videos, filling sand in bottles, coloring so so designs I don’t really care about (compared to others I do care about), watching short interviews, shows, and movies I never gave a chance way back in the day. I’ve hopped back onto the exercise wagon again despite my plantar fascitis. I told myself to jog again after work. Well, work ended over 1.5 hours ago, but I was waiting for the iPod to be free since I like to use my roommates more than my own. I plan on jogging more miles tonight and see how far I get. I also included a video of two people I know who have a band called Livingmore. They did a cover of Killing Time by Echo & the Bunnymen. I plan on writing this weekend, both days and see how far I get. This obviously is a new mantra for me: seeing how far I get. There’s never a dull moment in my life (okay sometimes) but there’s definitely enough to keep me busy. Have a good weekend everyone.

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