In The Meantime Project

I took the last three days off of work because I needed a break. I spent the first two days primarily rewriting my first novel. I’m about at the halfway point and hope to get as much as I can get done by the end of Sunday. I’m proud of myself for sticking to my plan so far of taking these days and have committed most of my hours to rewriting except when I eat and take showers. I made a point to glue the cork tops of the glass bottles I’ve been filling with sand. I call them my COVID projects I may or may not sell later. I probably will be forced to due to my lack of space in my apartment, but I also do not want this to dominate my life outside of work. While I wrestle this prospect and how much time I really want to devote to it in the future, here are the bottles I have filled so far this month. I also figured out that getting superglue on your fingers interferes with using your thumbprint on your iPhone. I call them a work in progress as after I filled them with sand, I screwed them up later. The story of my life. Enjoy.

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