Poem: You Are Not the B Word

You are not the bitch you thought you were.

You don’t cater to anyone anymore,

At least not as much and not as openly.

You don’t care if people believe you are less than.

It doesn’t bother you.

For what’s the point

When you do what you want to do,

And you do it without question and justification.

Because you are not what they make you to be.

You don’t have to be their bitch.

You can operate your life by your own accord,

Without grumbling and tears.

And when things pile up, you keep going.

For there is nothing else anyone can give you

That you do not already have.

Let go of heartache, trouble, lies, and fears

That is not your life anymore.

This is not who you are.

You simply are no longer the brittle skeleton.

And why not?

Because you are not willing to be anyone’s bitch anymore,

Not even your own.

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