More You Know: Common Government Types

The U.S. is the longest still standing nation to have a kind of democracy, and as some people refer to it as an experiment.  When the 13 original colonies broke away from England (in a certain sense) as they did not truly gain their independence later, it so far has resembled some form of democracy.  The economy always matters and since the U.S. embraces capitalism with open arms, it often sees other alternatives as non-starters.  There are different ways government runs any given country.  The most known ones are democracy, autocracy (dictatorship), monarchy, anarchy, and authoritarian (communism). 

What does each mean in general?

Well here’s a quick recap!

Democracy is when everyone can participate directly or representatively.  The U.S. has a representative democracy although this varies on who you are asking.

Monarchy is when there is a head of state that is usually not elected.  England has a constitutional monarchy.

Dictatorship is when one person in authority runs the country.  Sudan has a military dictatorship.

Communism is when there is common ownership through government control of land and production.  China has a communist government.

Which one is best to live under? 

I personally wouldn’t want to live under a dictatorship.  In terms of communism and monarchy, well I can’t say either one would be my first pick but out of the two, I’d pick monarchy.  I suppose this is a case of I want what I already have and that is some form of democracy. I can’t wait until the election is over although what happens after the election until January is anyone’s guess. Hold on tight, people.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride no matter what the results are on November third.

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