Journal Entry Type #60: VP Debate and the Fly

I had no expectations this VP debate would go any better, but since Pence seems more subdued compared to Trump, I was hoping for the best.  I admit I don’t know much about Pence except the obvious.  I know a little more about Harris.  I admit I haven’t done much research (bad I know) on either one, but I think most people have pretty much decided who they will vote for (if you are a U.S. citizen.).  I don’t want to get into the debate of who was better because that varies on who you ask.  In terms of swing voters or undecided, I agree there are probably less than more.  They both dodged questions although Pence did it more than Harris.  I normally don’t watch CNN but flipped back and forth between their coverage and MSNBC’s coverage, but that fly that landed on Pence’s head.  I was so fixated on it after I blurted out, “there’s a fly on Mike Pence’s head.”  I knew others were watching it on TV and might I add, the east coast really gets the shaft when it comes to the news.  They have to stay up really late to watch their favorite shows.  It doesn’t seem fair.  Take Florida for example, they have Ron DeSantis, hurricanes, and late-night programming.  With this being said, I really do wish all Floridians stay as safe as possible since everything is open. Back to the fly.  I’m not on twitter but there were all kinds of tweets about it.  I got up from the futon and went to the TV to get a closer look as if that would make the fly go away.  It resulted in humorous and critical responses across social media, but for me it was a fresh of breath air.  Flies can land on anyone’s head and for a brief moment I expected him to shoo it away.  The fact Pence has white hair made it all the more prominent when he it stayed. All I can say is after the cameras stopped rolling, the winner of the debate (being humorous) was the fly.

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