Thoughts on DWTS so far: Season 29

We are now in a new fall season with many changes due to COVID.  Tom Bergeron is gone.  I miss him.  I still miss Brooke Burke.  I don’t miss Erin Andrews.  If someone replaced Tyra Banks, I wouldn’t object.  There is no audience and the outfits of Tyra Banks often overwhelms the screen.  She definitely is channeling back her modeling days with smizing and her catwalk.  Derek Hough is back as a judge since Len Goodman lives in England.  The traveling back and forth isn’t good during a pandemic.  I wasn’t enthused Hannah Brown won last season and especially when Bobby Bones won over Milo Manheim the season before that.  This season I’m watching it more for a diversion from everything else going on right now.   I haven’t made my decision of who I want to win, but I think more than not have a good chance of making it to the finals.  I have a feeling a woman will win again this season.  It’s anyone’s guess and so far Charles Oakley, Carole Baskin, and Anne Heche were voted off.  I like watching the team competitions although due to COVID I wonder how that is going to work.  Time will tell as Halloween will be here before I know it and I doubt the mishap of who is at the bottom two will happen again. Why are there three people on the stage? Oops! It makes for good live TV, doesn’t it?

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