Netflix Recommendation: Whose Vote Counts, Explained (2020)

This three-part docuseries covers origins of voting in America, cost factors in running for any office, and gerrymandering that occurs for whoever is in control of the senate.  This year people seem more motivated on how the election in the U.S. will turn out.  They are invested, in other words, they are flocking to the voting polls in huge numbers.  Early voting didn’t always exist, but it’s definitely needed because even then people wait a long time in line.  I waited about three hours to vote in the primary election.  I should’ve brought a book to read. I’m voting by mail this time and dropping it off at a polling drop off location.  Each episode is 25 minutes long and includes a variety of people commenting on the voting process, how it has changed, and what it is today. It remains pretty objective throughout and stated the facts, which were startling in some cases and fully expected in others.

I rate Whose Vote Counts, Explained FOUR FINGERS at 90%.

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