Journal Entry Type #61: Expect Nothing but Do Much!

The emotions I felt with finally self publishing my poetry book are now gone. Am I feeling like I achieved something? And accomplishment? Somewhat to both. I remember saying I would send to bloggers following my blog a PDF version of my revised poems. I still will do that if you want it. Just email me at and I will send it to you. If you want to read it on Kindle, you can buy it there too and maybe for free as it says on Amazon. I don’t use Kindle because I’d much rather read books I can touch and pages I can turn with my arthritic fingers. Note to self to tell my doctor to take X rays of my ankles because there is something going on with them. It is preventing me from sleeping well and I’m not that damn old to be having this kind of pain down there. If you want to buy it in actual book form, you can also do that too. I’m making more progress on my rewrite and confident once I get it proofread for grammatical errors, I will be able to self publish it in 2021. I plan on working on my rewrite this weekend again, but still dealing with another neighbor who loves to wake up early, which wakes me up too. I guess it’s the price I pay for apartment living. I’m eight days into my no junk food 30 day eating plan (which includes more than junk food such as fatty foods). This is about all I have to offer today as I’m going headstrong with watching Ray Donovan tonight and should finish the whole series by the end of this week. I hope everyone is having a good week and more later.

Kim Berg (aka: Pisaries Creator)

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