Weekly Facts #42

October 12th is international moment of frustration scream day where people from Greenwich scream for 30 seconds to let out their frustrations.

Dark chocolate has more cacao in it, which makes it darker and purer.  Milk chocolate is lighter in color because it has milk or condensed milk in it.

The California Gold Rush happened between 1848 and 1855.  It started in Coloma, California and it led to an influx of people where it is the largest state in the U.S today.

The oldest casino in the world is Casino de Vencia in Italy and was built in 1638 and the oldest casino in the U.S. is Golden Gate Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada and was built in 1906.   

The country with the highest birth rate is Angola where there are 44.20 births out of 1,000 people per year and country with the lowest birth rate is Monaco where there are 6.6 births out of 1,000 people per year.

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