More You Know: Favorite Halloween Candy by State

Because Halloween is coming up, I decided to post the candy most popular in every state according to  Hands down which many people agree that one of the worst candies is Candy Corn.  The favorite candy among the people I know say Reese’s Peanut Butter cups (any size and shape) is the best. 

Here is the list in alphabetical order of state in 2020.

AK Twix

AL Candy Corn

AR Jolly Ranchers

AZ Hot Tamales

CA Skittles

CO Hershey Kisses

CT Milky Way

DC M&M’s

DE Skittles

FL Skittles

GA Swedish Fish

HI Skittles

IA M&M’s

ID Starburst

IL Sour Patch Kids

IN Starburst

KS Reese’s Cups

KY Swedish Fish

LA Lemonheads

MA Sour Patch Kids

MD Reese’s Cups

ME Sour Patch Kids

MI Candy Corn

MN Skittles

MD Milky Way

MS 3 Musketeers

MT Dubble Bubble Gum

NC Reese’s Cups

ND Candy Corn

NE Sour Patch Kids

NH M&M’s

NJ Tootsie Pops

NM Jolly Ranchers

NV Hershey Kisses

NY Sour Patch Kids

OH Blow Pops

OK Dubble Bubble Gum

OR M&M’s

PA Hershey’s Mini Bars

RI Twix

SC Butterfinger

SD Starburst

TN Tootsie Pops

TX Starburst

UT Jolly Ranchers

VA Starburst

VT Skittles

WA Tootsie Pops

WI Starburst

WV Hershey’s Mini Bars

WA Saltwater Taffy

2 Comments on “More You Know: Favorite Halloween Candy by State

  1. I put myself on a no candy and fattening food cleanse for 30 days. I admit it’s getting harder as I’m nearing the end. I agree that Peanut Butter Cups are so much better than Sour Patch Kids.

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