Book Writing Exercise: The Best Thing That Could Happen

The best thing that could happen to me is I come across a whole lot of money. You might think this is very materialistic of me. Who cares! Money can buy happiness when you are already grounded. I would like to think I’m grounded. I try to be as much as possible. I try to find happiness in most everything my hands touch. I try to find gratitude in most everything I do. What really gets me going are those that say money can’t buy happiness. How rich is that coming from someone who already has a buttload of money! I know I can’t literally buy happiness with money. It’s subjective and not objective. Duh! Don’t tell me the obvious.

I know you can’t put happiness into a measuring cup and say it is half a cup or two cups full. What happens if you can? What happens when you have room for one cup only and you have two cups of happiness inside you? Do you let the rest spill out onto the counter if it is liquid? Or, if it has the consistency of baking powder, let the particles fly into the air before it settles onto the floor? No, you don’t. You fill the cup to the one cup marker and put the other cup of happiness somewhere else. So, based on that principle, why can’t I put my other one cup of happiness into the stack of 100 dollar bills I might come across on Tuesday?

Don’t get me started. I’ve heard it all. You won’t win the lottery. You’re just wasting your money. Everyone thinks it will be them. Let me save you the misery. It won’t happen. It won’t be you. You aren’t that lucky, and neither is the person halfway across the state, in another house, with a different wife. He wants the big money like you. He wants to be the big spender like you. He wants to win the one billion dollars. You would settle for millions of dollars. Guess what? You will both be wrong. It will be someone who already lives in a nice house who wins. The billion-dollar prize winner? It won’t be you. It can’t be. It has to be anyone else but you. The only person I can think of to replace you is me.

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