Day: February 21, 2021

Quotes about Writing

“I now know and trust completely that writing happens long before I ever type a word; that my best thinking and writing will happen before and after the first draft but not necessarily during it.” -Alex Johnson- “A true work of fiction…strikes us, in… Continue Reading “Quotes about Writing”

Poem: Cancel Culture

Grab it all up in your arms and put it in a black bag. This is what we don’t need anymore. All of it needs to be forgotten and dumped in the landfill. But at what result? At what cost? Cities should be more… Continue Reading “Poem: Cancel Culture”

Poem: The Six Cupcakes

In the elementary school carnival, I had my eyes on the cupcakes. The white frosting on some and green on others. They all had sprinkles to entice me to pay good money. They were regarded as the big prize as did every other student.… Continue Reading “Poem: The Six Cupcakes”

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