Poem: Cancel Culture

Grab it all up in your arms and put it in a black bag. 
This is what we don't need anymore.
All of it needs to be forgotten and dumped in the landfill.

But at what result?  At what cost?  

Cities should be more pure and cleaner now.
People from small and large countries have torn down statues.
Flags are no longer powerful than their symbolic gesture.

We gave them the middle finger.  
We are one step closer to the ultimate goal.
The dumb have nothing to hide behind.

But is it misleading?  Will it make people wiser?

Nothing remains except the best and brightest.
This is what perfect societies desire.
It it not an accurate reflection in crowded streets celebrating their victories.

We can fall one step behind.
We might forget the history of our parents.
The reason we are here in the first place.

But do they care?  Who will help them?

Suppress all the facts and swallow only the good.
The bad never existed for us.
Our differences need not be written ever again.

But why?  Who are you protecting?

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