Poem: The Song I Never Heard

 The song I heard from the car radio.  
 I had no idea who sung it but that voice carried me 
 to the next stop sign and I waited.
 I thought about one million recycled things I had lost 
 interest in, struggling to find a way to personal victory.
 A new song started and I knew this one reminded me 
 of a time when there was more to capture.
 When dreams were not dyed the ugly colors they are now.
 The moment when I did not fully realize.
 My turn to drive and now my hands are purple.
 The song I want to hear has been overplayed.
 This singer has many secrets.  He does.
 It's a connection we have.  He does not know me but I know him.  
 I know about his struggles.  I read about it in a book.
 It could have been called "Life Sucks."  Or maybe, "My Bad."
 I need a new song.  One that increases my energy flow.
 It makes things alright again.
 I have not been to a music store for years.
 Virgin is gone.  Best Buy carries Taylor Swift. 
 Amoeba is relocating and closed for a long lasting reason.

 I suffer the unforeseen consequences.
 I wanted it all back in the day.
 What I would not do to give it all away but keep the 
parts that brought me happiness.
I would wait forever but no thanks, not anymore.

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