Netflix Recommendation: History of Swear Words (2021)

Nut and Bolts About Swearing

There’s not much to say about this six episode TV show about swearing. It talks about the history of swearing in culture, entertainment, and in our personal lives. The swear words included are those that adults teach their children is not okay to say. Nicolas Cage is the host where you can see his overacting skills at its finest. There is other commentary by Sarah Silverman, London Hughes, Baron Vaughn, Patti Harrison, and more. There is expert, critic, and author commentary by Benjamin K. Bergen, Anne H. Charity Hudley, Mirelle Miller-Young, Elvis Mitchell, Melissa Mohr, and Kory Stamper. It’s informative and funny at the same time. You find out who swears the most among Hollywood and if you want to find out, you’re going to have to watch it yourself.

Watch the Trailer

I rate History of Swear Words Three Fingers of GOOD at 80%.

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