Last Six Movies I’ve Watched in February

I’ve been trying to get through as many movies so I can whittle them down. I have so many more to go but here are the ones I committed to in February. Not sure how many but more to come in March.


Easy A (2010) is about a high school student in Ojai, CA that enjoys the attention she gets when a lie is spread in the hallways and classrooms. It stars Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, and Penn Badgley. It is rated PG-13 and is one hour and 32 minutes.

Saving Mr. Banks (2013) is about P.L Travers resistance to having her book, Mary Poppins, adapted into a movie by Walt Disney. It stars Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, and Colin Farrell. It is rated PG-13 and is two hours and 5 minutes.

The Deep Blue Sea (2011) is about an unhappy wife and her affair with an Air Force pilot. It stars Simon Russell Beale, Rachel Weisz, and Tom Hiddleston. It is rated R and is one hour and 38 minutes.

Alone in Berlin (2016) is working class couple that denounces the German government during WWII. It stars Daniel Brühl, Emma Thompson, and Brendan Gleeson. It is rated R and is one hour and 43 minutes.

The House on Carroll Street (1987) is about an FBI agent and blacklisted journalist trying to uncover the smuggling of Nazi war criminals into the U.S. It stars Kelly McGillis, Jeff Daniels, and Mandy Patinkin. It is rated PG and is one hour and 41 minutes.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019) is about Hiccup and Toothless trying to save the dragons before they are caught for greedy purposes. It stars Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, and F. Murray Abraham. It is rated PG and is one hour and 44. minutes.

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