Seven Haiku Poems

A Crooked Mouth

Pearly whites appear,
Mouth upturned at the corners,
The smile wide again.

A Winter Hibernation

Gather hairs and rocks,
Stuff them into hibernation.
Close eyes to the light.

The Lotus Disappears 
Sacred roots deep down,
Deliciously edible,
Nighttime disappears.

The Sight of a Rainbow

Scent of the freshness – 
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, 
Allow it to reveal.

A Quick Hailstorm

Small orbs of pure white!
Pinging on the cars delight,
Not strong for a kite.

Either Or

In the desert heat,
Feeling the coolness at night –
Still not as before.

Killing the Ants

March in a straight line,
Face forward, legs underneath,
They want to live too.

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