More You Know: Ponzi Schemes, Pyramids, Multi-Level Marketing, and Franchises

The one thing I noticed when looking for jobs were the various pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing opportunities. As much as I would love to be my own boss and sell my own products, I’m not the type of person who gets thrilled to sell products based solely on commission. There’s a saying: ” if it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t.” I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Ponzi scheme. The Ponzi focuses on recruiting new members and involves no products but a return on investments. When all is said and done, hardly anyone profits except the top dog. Pyramid schemes is where people bring in their own people into the network and the profit comes from recruitments. Multi-level marketing is when there is a product to sell to the public. Franchises are those businesses where the franchisee sells the contents of the business and does not own it outright.

Famous Ponzi scheme – Bernie Madoff

Famous Pyramid scheme – Mary Kay Consulting

Famous MLM scheme – Equinox

Famous Franchise scheme – McDonald’s

There are many ways to earn money, legitimately and illegitimately, in this world. With the Internet and social media, pan handling is a thing of the past unless it’s your only option. Anybody and anyone can ask for money online. Pull at the heartstrings of countless people you will never meet. Based on my own life, I could never do that and luckily I don’t have to (knock on wood I will never have to). There is a great need for selfless monetary contributions to the others less fortunate than yourself, but sometimes I see grifters. I guess this is the new standard when it comes to trying to make ends meet. I continue to do it the normal way of having a 40 hour a week job with benefits and not much time off. This is the great capital dream, right? I end this with the mindset that the hardest thing for me is dealing with the unknown and trusting there is a plan for me, that life isn’t all bad, and it will be okay.

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