Poem: The Aftermath

Living takes courage. Yes, it does. A little bit of humor too.
There was never less of me and more of you.
Living to the fullest can't be seen from far away.
Only close up. Definitely closer is better.
We taste the bitter pills doctors give us to be strong.
What is strength? What is her strength? What is his strength?
What strength are you speaking of? I want to see now. Show me.
There is little pupil movement in your eyes.
They remain still. I'm clearly not important to you.
Don't pretend I don't care as you did the others.
Who gave you the right to be powerless? The right to be hidden?

Survival takes skill. Yes, it does. A little bit of faith too.
There is not more of you and less of me. 
Survival of the fittest doesn't belong in our space. 
Not anymore. Definitely, not anymore.
We hear of the physically fit species dying before their time.
What is time? What is his time? What is her time? 
What time are you referring to? I want to know. Tell me now.
There is no answer coming from your mouth.
Your lips don't move. I'm uncertain if you hear me.
Don't shut me out like the ones before me.
Who gave you the motivation to be silent? The motivation to be insignificant?

Death takes all. Yes, it does. A little bit of reality too.
There was neither more or less of them around us.
Dying to the end isn't the plan.
Only known to a few. Definitely later than sooner.
We feel the remedy no longer working.
What is fear? What is our fear? What is their fear?
What fear hides behind our bodies? I want to invest. Heal me.
There is saturation in our shadows.
They remain dark. I'm wondering if you are truly gone.
Don't act as the truth is pointless.
Who gave you the expectation to be invisible? The expectation to be no one.

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