Journal Entry Type #89: It’s Been a While

It’s been a while due to starting working again and feeling the full effects of the wind. I sometimes think Sin City should be called The Windy City or at least a sister city to Chicago. When I was driving on Friday my car moved from the sheer force of the wind on the highway. I remember some nights driving where I hardly saw through my window and had to pull over because I had no clue where the car in front of me was and not being able to see the road clearly tends to freak people out.

The Academy Awards is tonight. I haven’t watched them in full since over five years. I guess I lost interest in them since I removed myself from Hollywood slowly over the years and especially now that I no longer live in LA. Honestly, while there is no evidence the Oscars are rigged although I’m sure cocaine is still being snorted among the rich and famous parties. I bring this up because I saw an episode where a drug dealer had to go to the Kodak Theater, now the Dolby Theater, to drop off an actor’s precious cocaine to fulfill his habit. Let’s just say, favors in Hollywood can mean the difference between the short or long road.

The same goes for UFC fights. I unsubscribed to ESPN+ because I was just wasting money. I can see the highlights after the fights anyway. If you didn’t see Chris Weidman break his leg in the first round and Uriah Hall win his fight without ever throwing a punch, I warn you it’s graphic. A leg shouldn’t bend that way. Jorge Masvidal and Zhang Weili fights ended in an unexpected fashion. Basically, the center of my life has changed rapidly since mid 2020 and definitely in 2021.

I’m internally trying to weed through the muck and really think about the possibilities of my future. I’m not quite there yet. Changing from working in one hospitality industry to another has been interesting and exciting. I’m learning new things, which is good for me. I went to the LV Strip today and even since 2018 there have been many changes and maybe even 2020. Anything and everything is possible regarding LV Strip and is a city that usually has something for everyone. If you’re wondering, prostitution/brothels is not legal in Clark County where Las Vegas and the strip reside or bigger counties. On the other hand, a smaller county like Nye (Pahrump) it is legal but only in licensed brothels.

The outside of Linq is different. Resorts World is opening in June of this year. Drew, Convention Center, MSG Sphere is under construction. There are a handful of casino/hotels in the planning process but haven’t broken ground yet. RW has 3,506 rooms. Compare that to the 6,852 rooms at MGM Grand. Every casino owner wants a piece of the pie. I usually start at the south end and work my way toward Circus Circus. I was able to take a photo of the Drive Carefully Come Back Soon sign instead of Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada. Until I moved here, I never knew the strip is located in the towns of Paradise and Winchester and not Las Vegas.

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