More You Know: Celebrations from Around the World

Most of us have heard of St. Patty’s day and Fourth of July but there are other celebrations, festivals, and traditions not so widespread. Here are some of them from the around the world.


Beltane Fire Festival in Scotland celebrates the coming of summer with bonfires, nudity, and paint.

El Colacho Baby Jumping Festival in Spain celebrates Corpus Christi by men dressed as devils jumping over babies to protect them from evil.

Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand celebrates the monkey by having a feast for them.

Songkran Festival in Thailand celebrates the beginning of a new year where water washes away negativity, bad luck, and sins of the past year.

Takanakuy Festival in Peru celebrates the resolution of conflicts every Christmas by hitting each other.

Yadnya Kasada in East Java celebrates getting rid of disease by dropping their possessions into a volcano.

La Tomatina in Spain celebrates tomatoes by throwing them at each other.

Busojaras Festival in Hungary celebrates the end of winter by dressing up in traditional masks and woolly cloaks while dancing to folk music.

Frozen Dead Guy Days in USA (Colorado) celebrates the frozen corpse of Bredo Morstol with music and coffin races.

Night of The Radishes in Mexico is where amateurs and professionals celebrate radishes by carving huge radishes to win money.

Up Helly Aa in Shetland Islands celebrates the end of the Yule season where locals marching through the streets dressed in Viking costumes with lit torches.

Nyepi Festival in Bali celebrates New Year with silence, no traffic, work, and little electricity.

La Pourcailhade in France celebrates the pig with eating pork, piglet racing, intimation contests.

Underwater Music Festival in USA (Florida) celebrates music where people dressed in nautical costumes mime to music using specially sculpted underwater musical instruments.

International Hair Freezing Contest in Canada (Yukon) celebrate frozen hair where people freeze their hair in unusual shapes.

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